Fortnite's concurrent player count
  • By Sillicur
  • 9th Nov 2018

Fortnite’s Concurrent Player Count is Absolutely Massive

With Season 6 of Fortnite well underway and the whole Cube thing behind us, things are slowing down a little bit. That, however, doesn't mean that Fortnite is slowing down at all. In fact, the game has surpassed a massive new milestone that is absolu

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Red Dead 2 horses
  • By Marco Cocomello
  • 8th Nov 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ships 17 Million Copies

In a not-so-surprising announcement, Take-Two Interactive revealed today that Red Dead Redemption 2 is selling like hotcakes. In a news release published for investors, Take-Two Interactive detailed the success of Red Dead Redemption 2.Re

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Diablo Immortal
  • By Marco Cocomello
  • 7th Nov 2018

Why You Have Every Right to be Pissed About Diablo Immortal

If you were not on planet Earth these past few days you would have missed out on all the drama surrounding Diablo Immortal's reveal. To recap, Blizzard revealed a Diablo game at BlizzCon 2018 last weekend and to everyone's disbelief, they announced i

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10 Reasons to be excited about Battlefield V
  • By Marco Cocomello
  • 6th Nov 2018

10 Reasons To Be Excited About Battlefield V

My excitement over playing Battlefield V has gone through different stages. When EA first announced the game in May, I was impressed with the overall look, new features, Tides of War, and so on. However, that initial positive impression changed to "m

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Fortnite's Cube
  • By Marco Cocomello
  • 5th Nov 2018

Fortnite’s Cube Is Gone And a New Location Appears

Last night, the Fortnite one-time, in-game event took place and it was watched by over one million people on Twitch.There existed an unspoken "don't shoot" rule between Fortnite players as most just hovered near the cube to witness the event. At

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November 2018 Video Game Releases
  • By Han Cilliers
  • 30th Oct 2018

All The Awesome Games Coming Your Way This November

November is another big month in gaming with the release of Battlefield V, Fallout 76, and Hitman 2. The Nintendo Switch also sees a stack of new releases like the highly anticipated Diablo III: Eternal Collection and hit Indie titles, Valiant Hearts

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Future without console exclusives
  • By Sillicur
  • 29th Oct 2018

Bethesda Sees a Better Future Without Console Exclusives

Exclusives sell consoles. That's just the way it is and just looking at Sony's PS4 exclusive lineup combined with the mammoth lead they have this year, it is almost impossible to doubt the impact of a great exclusive. Even though that is the case, me

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