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Windows 10 Icons To Get A Major Design Overhaul

Windows 10 Icons

If you are tired of looking at those same boring icons in Windows 10 then you are not alone. A lot of the icons found in Microsoft’s operating system have been around for more than 10 years with the likes of Paint, Control Panel and more never seeing a change once. That is all about to change as Microsoft has announced a “dig design effort” across the company to change the look of the OS starting off with the programs that are used the most first, Microsoft Office.

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In a blog post, Microsoft revealed its new look for its Office 365 with some pretty cool new icons. Microsoft also showed off the design process for the new icons and it is pretty cool to see. It was all done with paper and different shades of colours. The new Office icons look like something you see when you are choosing paint for your house but it works.

Windows 10 Icons

Apart from Office, Microsoft also detailed in a separate blog post that the new icons were just “the beginning of a cross-company effort to update all icons in the same style”. A screenshot showed off a concept style for the OS and you can see a few changes like File Explorer, Calendar and Photos. While it will take some time before these icons make their way to your copy of Windows, it is nice to see Microsoft finally changing those 10-year-old icons.

Microsoft does not have an ETA for the latest Office 365 overhaul but it could be rolling out in the coming months. The company will then slowly start modernizing the older icons so maybe by this time next year, we will have a refreshing Windows 10 experience.

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