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Virtus.pro Become The Kuala Lumpur Major Champions

Kuala Lumpur Major Champions

In the last DPC season leading up to The International 2018, Virtus.pro completely dominated the leaderboard. After a fantastic grand final that went the distance this past Sunday, one thing is clear. Virtus.pro shows no signs of slowing down. Virtus.pro is the Kuala Lumpur Major Champions and by claiming the win, they have made Dota 2 history, as they are the first team with five major titles behind their name.

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On Sunday, Virtus.pro first had to plough through Evil Geniuses in two relatively quick games before facing Team Secret. Under the genius leadership of Puppey and with Nisha as the young carry, Team Secret looked nearly unstoppable, not losing a single match heading into the grand finals. Team Secret only dropped one game before the grand finals, and that was against Virtus.pro in the winner’s bracket finals.

Virtus.pro was clearly out of revenge as they took to the stage against Team Secret, who had the support of the crowd due, in part, to their player MidOne. However, not even the immensely potent Team Secret, nor the crowd chanting their name, could stop Virtus.pro this time around as they took a back-and-forth game one.

To become the Kuala Lumpur Major Champions, Virtus.pro was pushed to the limits in a grand final that went the distance. It was one of the most exciting grand finals and although it doesn’t quite beat The International 2018’s finals simply due to the narrative of OG, the Kuala Lumpur Major delivered one amazing experience for spectators to enjoy.

With the win, Virtus.pro now sits on top of the 2018/2019 DPC leaderboard and since there are only five majors leading up to The International 2018, this win was extremely important. The team walks away with $350,000, which is nearly R5 million and 4950 DPC points.

In case you haven’t watched the Kuala Lumpur Grand Finals yet, check out the entire stream of the day as uploaded by YouTuber Srikaya below.


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