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Valve Removes Nearly 200 Troll Games From Steam

Troll Games

Valve opened the floodgates on Steam a few months ago, allowing many types of games onto their platform, including games with sexually explicit content. However, that doesn’t mean you can just put anything on Steam, especially when it comes to troll games. What is that you may ask? Well, troll games are basically just game-like objects that shouldn’t even pass off as real games. Instead, they normally have titles to lure players in, with no substance at all.

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Valve’s removal of troll games

If you are sick of seeing your Steam storefront filled with nonsense, then you should be very happy to hear that Valve has taken action in a big way. In the last couple of weeks, they have removed 192 (by my count) troll games from Steam. Let’s face it, no body is going to miss the likes of the following:

  • Putin, Boobs and Trump
  • Boobs Battleground
  • MILF
  • Make Border Great Again
  • Bitcoin Highway

These are just a few of the games Valve has removed. Although these “game” creators might not be good developers, they sure seem to be SEO geniuses. Further games include a bunch that have the word “Hentai” in them and over 30 achievement hunter games have also been removed. See for yourself here.

Back in September, Valve talked about games and developers that create them that they consider being “straight up trolling”, stating that:

We’ve also permanently banned several developers of games that we felt fit the “straight up trolling” description of games we’re not going to allow onto the Store. There’s actually a surprisingly small number of individuals behind almost all of these games, and their bans have been a straightforward series of decisions, thus far.

It is excellent to see Valve continuing their mission to remove these troll games from Steam and hopefully, one day, Steam will be cleansed.

What do you think about Valve stepping in to remove so many troll games from Steam and have you encountered any of these games so far? Let us know in the comment section below.


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