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Xbox Watch images leaked


As an owner of an Apple Watch, I do not think I will ever go back to anything but a smartwatch. While the Apple Watch is great, imagine having an Xbox Watch. Well, my greatest dreams could have come true as Microsoft indeed once worked on an Xbox Watch which they planned to release alongside the Xbox One back in 2015.

According to Soumi Mbiili, Microsoft began development on the Xbox Watch in 2013 with a planned release for 2015. The watch had a 1.5-inch touchscreen display with replaceable wristband and a magnetic connector for charging too. This watch would have synced with your Microsoft account and track your fitness across Xbox Fitness Now and your daily activities. 


I would guess that the watch would also create some sort of ecosystem across the Xbox One whereas notifications would come through on the watch, you would be able to share things with your friends, and perhaps even use it as some sort of controller for the console itself, maybe Cortana integration? Regardless, the Xbox Watch never made it out of development which could have been a good thing considering everyone and their granny has a smartwatch on the market at the moment and we also know Microsoft's track record when it comes to new tech “cough cough” Kinect is dead.


It would have interesting to see where the watch would have fit into the ecosystem, but I suppose maybe one day we will know. Would you buy an Xbox Watch? Let us know in the comments below. 

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