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Windows 10 is getting new privacy settings


Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that the next big Windows 10 update will roll out on October 17. The Fall Creators Update will be the fourth major update to Windows 10, with its biggest improvement the release of Windows Mixed Reality features which will change the face of VR gaming. Users can expect a bigger and more affordable range of VR devices as well as a much bigger games library. VR enhancements aside, for most Windows 10 users, the most important change with the next update will be the new Windows 10 privacy settings.

“Continuing with our commitment to privacy and data control, today we’re announcing privacy enhancements coming to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for consumers and commercial customers that further increase your access to information and provides you more control over what information is collected,” states the announcement on the Windows 10 Blog.

Windows 10's privacy settings have been an ongoing concern since the operating system rolled out over two years ago on 19 July 2015. One of the biggest problems users had with the OS was Microsoft's unauthorized data collection. That issue has been dealt with over the past two years by giving control back to users, and Octobers Fall Creators Update continues the trend.

You can read the full article here, or watch the video at the end of the article. Below is a summary of the most important changes coming with the Fall Creators Update.

New Windows 10 privacy enhancements

  • Improved in-product information about user's privacy
  • More information about the data Microsoft collects from users
  • More user control over the diagnostics data Microsoft can collect
  • Two important privacy setting changes with setup
  • Change 1: Direct access to the Privacy Statement within setup process
  • Change 2: Learn More button for each set of information Microsoft collects from your data
  • Permission prompt when an app wants to access information (such as your camera, microphone, contacts, and calendar)
  • New setting that limits diagnostic data collection to the minimum required for Windows Analytics

It is important to note that the new permission prompt (like the one you get when using a location app), will only work with apps installed after the Fall Creators Update. To include current apps you need to change the settings by going to Start, select Settings, select Privacy.

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