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Top 10 Xbox One X Games of 2017 & Beyond


The Xbox One X is probably the most anticipated piece of hardware of the year. With huge 4K capabilities, a powerful internal system, and of course the ability to combine it all into one to create “true 4K” visuals, we all cannot wait to get our hands on the Xbox One X. But what about the games? Microsoft has been working hard to ensure that every Xbox One exclusive and every Xbox 360 game is being optimized in some way or another to support the power of the X. This means that older games and upcoming titles too will see graphical benefits while running on the Xbox One X.

With that being said, if we had to recommend 10 games that you simply had to play on the Xbox One X when it launches in November, it would be these 10. These games are a collection of both new, old, and even upcoming games that we know will boast various visual tweaks for the console and we cannot wait to see them in action and get our hands on them. Take a look at the video below as we count down 10 Xbox One X games that we cannot wait to play. 

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