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The SNES inspired Strange Things mobile game is out and free for all


Stranger Things season 2 starts this October on Netflix and if you are a fan of the first season, then you would know how hyped we all are for the next instalment. The original season of the show came out of nowhere and was an instant hit. Set in the town of Hawking in Louisiana, the show's 80s feel and the chilling story revolved around a group of kids as they befriend a supernatural girl with telekinetic powers. The group then sets out to try and find a young boy that mysteriously disappeared into another world within their town. 

Stranger Things season 2 is going to be bigger and better than the already-awesome first season and to celebrate this all, Netflix have released a free mobile game based on the show. The mobile game is just as refined as the show and has this 1984 art style that resembles the SNES era. Everything from the sound to the animations and even the environments is gorgeously portrayed in the game with a 16-bit look and feel.

The free game has been developed in partnership between Bonus XP, and Netflix, and is available on iOS and Android. It follows the first season's story and characters. Rumour has it that is also hides a never-before-seen clip for the upcoming season that premiers only on Netflix on 27 October 2017. Take a look at the trailer below. 

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