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The FPB will demand Steam pay them to sell digital games in SA


The FPB is in the spotlight once more, they've allegedly returned to their favourite pass-time of trying to police OUR favourite pass-time.  According to Mybroadband, the FPB had told them that its sights were set on Steam, the most popular online distribution platform for games,  as a potential distributor to tariff

According to the FPB's new draft tariffs, Steam could be charged up to R165.96 per title on its service (If this is indeed the case, it could have some lasting repercussions on us as gamers, such as potentially increasing the amount we pay for our games or even forcing Steam to withdraw from our region entirely. If the FPB does, in fact, act on these wishes, it wouldn't be a far cry to assume that they would then go after smaller digital distributors such as GOG or Humble. 

This all stems from the extremely controversial Films and Publications Amendment Bill of 2015 which has gone through multiple changes due to public outcry and is currently still under consideration in its altered state. Other potential side effects of the Bill would include the ability to police other forms of digital content distribution like live-streaming for example; and with rAge 2017 showing us the true growth of eSports on the African continent, it's not unreasonable to assume that it could throw a spanner in the works in this industry. 

Specifically, since the live-streams of these tournaments wouldn't be able to be policed effectively, it could even lead to live-streaming being completely banned – or the streamers being charged the same digital content distribution tariff that is currently being proposed. 

All-in-all, nothing good can come from this Bill; especially now that actual numbers are being thrown around and we get to see a little more of what the FPB has got in mind. 

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