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Sony’s Spider-Man could be the superhero’s rise to fame


Insomniac Games has been working very hard on a new Spider-Man game as you all might know, but what you might not know is just how detailed the new game has and what mechanics stood out for us the most at E3 2017. We were lucky enough to attend a behind closed door session with the game, of which we left extremely happy, knowing that we might have one of the best superhero games on our hands. Bryan Intihar, the Creative Director of Spider-Man, hosted the gameplay demo which showed off a more in-depth look at the game compared to what we saw at the Sony E3 2017 press conference

Bryan oozes the passion and love that most Spider-Man fans have. He grew up with the superhero as we all did and made is quite clear that this Insomniac version of the game is a dream come true for many at the studio. This Spider-Man game relates very much to the Arkham series in the sense that it is not related to any comic book, or movie series, rather it is a standalone story that will tell a brand new tale in the Spider-Man universe. Bryan states that the Spider-Man which we will play is a more experienced version of the hero, in which he has been doing his Spidey thing for a few years already when the game starts. While the Spider-Man we will play as is experienced as a hero, Peter Parker is only 23 in the game and is still trying to figure things out in life, just like any other 23-year-old guy. 

The gameplay demo showed off the same construction site which we all saw in the E3 gameplay demo, but it was much more detailed. Bryan went on to state that while Spider-Man has been facing a few villains we all know like the Kingpin, he is also faced with a new threat known as the Inner Demos. This group of enemies is going around taking over various parts of the city. Like all superhero stories, Spider-Man is obviously not happy with this and responds to the threat which leads him to the construction site. Spider-Man's combat and movement are as fluid as we have ever seen and he will have to use all his abilities to bring down this group of enemies, one district at a time.

Bryan went on to state that the studio knows how important it is to perfect Spider-Man's abilities and movement, this also includes the most important one of all, his swinging. Insomniac has worked very hard to make sure that Spider-Man can move as fluid as possible, and they have worked on making the movements of Spider-Man, being it swinging, climbing or jumping, as smooth possible. This means that they had to move to a physics-based web swinging system that allowed them to truly experiment with the swinging. It also means that they had to move to actually attaching the web to each building, rather than like past games that let you swing from the sky.

Insomniac showed off the demo running on a PS4 Pro at full 4K with HDR support and it was gorgeous. If you are wondering about those QTEs, then worry no more. Bryan went on to state that there are fail-safes for specific QTE events, but most of the time you will not be penalised for missing a button press as the game's primary focus is to expresses the action that the studio has worked so hard to incorporate. Rather than you failing a mission due to missing a QTE prompt, the scenario will lead to another option to give you another chance. Insomniac's focus is the game's core experience, which is its huge set pieces, and with the QTEs being a bit lenient, we can expect to be drawn into the experience even more without the failure of our actions affecting the outcome of the experience. 

Combat will also be deeper and more action-packed than any other Spider-Man game released before. The studio is focusing heavily on different enemy types that will offer different challenges to the player. This will also mean that you will need to adapt your combat approach as you will need to beat them in different ways. There will also be boss fights which sound like the pinnacle of the game's combat and set pieces tied into one experience.

While we still have some time to wait for Spider-Man, it seems that Insomniac Games have been working extremely hard on bringing a fresh new Spider-Man experience to the fans. We know that the characters will be diverse, parkour will be as polished as ever, and the story will be one you've never heard before.

Take a look at the latest gameplay below, and let us know what you think about these details in the comments section. 

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