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Someone beat all the Cuphead bosses using a Dance Dance Revolution mat


What a time to be alive. You know if you asked me what I thought 2017 would be like ten years ago I would say that we would have borderless phones, hovercars and robots serving us drinks at bars. Who would have guessed that we would be playing one of the hardest games of the year and beating it by using a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad? Well, at least we have those borderless phones so we are making some sort of progress.

Twitch user PeekingBoo has beaten the entire Cuphead game by only using a dancing pad from the popular arcade game Dance Dance Revolution, and it took him much quicker than we all might think. PeekingBoo is known for his speed runs through various games, but up to now, he has never used a dance pad to do it. PeekingBoo took just over one hour and 24 minutes to get through the entire game by only stomping his feet on the dance pad. He mapped all the buttons in the game to different arrows on the floor and by doing so, was able to play through the entire game and beat every boss. 

For those who don't know, Cuphead is a 1930's styled platforming game where you go up against 28 bosses each with their own challenging level design and fight style. You need to be quick on the controller and learn their attacks and movements in order to survive the battle. Most of the game you only get three health bars which deplete very quickly. PeekingBoo sometimes beat some of the bosses without even getting hit once. Again, a very impressive feat. Take a look at the entire stream below and feel free to fast forward through it to see how he uses the pad to control Cuphead through the flying levels even. 

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