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Rumour: Rockstar’s Agent concept art leaked


Rockstar's Agent is one of those games stuck in development hell. We will probably never get to play it (but it does have a better chance to land on our screens than say Half-Life 3.) We last saw a few images of Agent leaked online back in 2015, with the latest leak via Twitter showing concept art that looks noticeably different from anything we've seen before.

No, it doesn't mean anything, it might not even be concept art from the game, but we can hope.



“Here are some Agent concept art. #Agent #Bully2Info.” According to the Twitter account holder, they found the images on the GTAForums. I couldn't find said images, so I would take this leak with a big bag of salt.

Agent was supposed to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, published by Sony and developed by Rockstar Games. It's an espionage game around the “darkest hours” of the 1970s and has a lot of promise to be a big hit. Sony first announced the game ten years ago, so it's kind of fitting to have a “leak” for its 10th anniversary.

I'd wager that if Rockstar does develop the game now for current gen machines that it will be a massive hit.

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