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Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a bunch of glorious new screens showcasing the gang and lots more


Earlier this week, Rockstar Games released the third official trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, one of 2018's most anticipated games. (ICYMI check out our 5 Most Important Things You Need to Know from the story trailer). Rockstar also released 13 new screenshots from the trailer that showcases the van der Linde gang, the main protagonist, Arthur Morgan, some action scenes, and the most beautiful landscape screens.

Some of the screenshots also answer that one question with finality – yes, van der Linde does have a strong female character in his gang.


We don't have a lot of details about the female gang member, and we first saw a glimpse of her in the screenshots released in February, and now in the latest trailer. The new screenshots show her in a gun battle with Red Dead's protagonist, John Marston, as well as riding with the rest of the van der Linde gang.

Rockstar also released a stunning screenshot of Red Dead Redemption 2's main lead, Arthur Morgan. We also get to see a few action shots as well as a look at the hunting feature in RDR2. Whereas the predecessors focused on the story of a single character, the next installment tells the story of a gang, which adds so much depth to the game. Each of the gang members no doubt has a story to tell, and I would love to see how Rockstar developed the bonds between the different comrades.


Rockstar allowed a few selected critics a sneak peek at Red Dead 2, with Famitsu saying the following about the game's camp system. ” …the new camp system have expanded the possibilities of what is possible in videogames….The most revolutionary system in RDR2 is the camp. It’s the first time I have seen anything like this in a game […] this new addition is as revolutionary as GTAV’s character switching…”


I played the previous game on the Xbox 360, and the biggest difference for me so far between RDR and RDR2, or rather the thing that struck me first, was the change in visual quality. RDR2 is truly a game for current gen consoles, and if the screenshots and trailers are anything to go by, then it will be a visual extravaganza. Not only are we seeing a lot more details for the character animations and physics, but also in its massive open world. Animals, landscapes, town details; everything looks polished to perfection.


Jeuxactu says of the preview event, “Well get ready to have your socks knocked off – RDR2 is graphically majestic. The sceneries are breath-taking, the panoramas and the whole ambience is very impressive. It’s rich, it’s dense and it’s chock full of details… The attention to detail is everywhere and plentiful, RDR2 offers a sheer volume of detail never seen before with a degree of polish that only Rockstar knows how to do. Mind blowing.”


The last few screenshots give us a look at farm life in Red Dead Redemption 2, something that played a big role in the previous game. GamePro also empathizes the remarkable attention to detail – something that touches everything in RDR2.

“It’s just incredible how many charming details are packed into the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, how the developers have meticulously given thought to the smallest subtleties, and how utterly breathtaking the first impression of the world is…As the lights in the Rockstar demo room turned back on, I was dumbfounded. I did not expect an evolution this significant. The world, the interaction with it, the small and large details – all of it seems to amount to one of the best open worlds one has ever experienced in a game.”


Red Dead Redemption 2 releases on October 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Games

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