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PUBG’s new vehicle is a hippie van and we think everyone will love it


PUBG is still in Early Access, which means that content drops are a constant thing in the game. New weapons are added regularly, tweaks to the overall experience are done on a regular basis too, and of course, assets for the game are constantly being changed and added. This morning over on PlayerUnknown's Twitter account, a new vehicle was revealed for the game, the first of three currently being worked on. 

The new vehicle is a hippie van, also known as a Volkswagen Type 2. While there is no sign of the VW branding on the car, for obvious reasons, there is no doubt that the vehicle has been designed in tribute to the iconic car. The new vehicle should fit a few extra players in it given that it is an eight-seater in real life. It should also give you that awesome feeling while rolling down the hill that you are in an 80s film with free people and their “love is for all” agenda. While you might have an SMG in your hand while doing so, the PUBG team are half way there to creating some sort of peaceful environment, even if it is only in the new car itself.


The new vehicle does not have a release date and once again we know that the PUBG team are working on another two which they plan on bringing to the game, so we might see all three of them drop at once sometime in the next few weeks. PUBG is currently in early access on PC with a plan to shift to Xbox One in the coming months. 

What do you think of the vehicle? Let us know in the comments below. 

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