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PlayStation Europe teases a reveal of ‘something new’ coming soon


It is gamescom week which means that there are bound to be a few new game announcements taking place in the industry. So far we have seen something from Microsoft as they announced a fancy Project Scorpio version of the Xbox One, as well as some other great announcements like Final Fantasy XV coming to PC and a release window for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. 

What is Sony up to you may ask? Well, we have no idea as they did not have any sort of briefing like Microsoft did, rather they are waiting until Paris Games Week next month to have their time in the spotlight. That does not mean we will not see anything new from the company as it seems they have something up their sleeve. 

PlayStation Europe's Twitter account tweeted something that made every gamer lose their minds. A simple tweet from the account that states “We're getting geared up for the reveal of something new” has people guessing just what they are planning. The tweet follows with a gif of something being covered by a red piece of material as the lights in the area turn on. 


What this could be is truly a mystery, but the object under the cloth does seem to be square so it could be a new PS4 colour or even a new TV of some sorts. But we doubt Sony would tweet something like this for a new piece of hardware, and the word “gearing” used in the title could mean something related to the upcoming GT Sport, because of gearing and cars. You get it right? Most of us at GameZone think it could be a GT Sport PS4 console. Our wildest guess would be that this is the start of the build up to perhaps a PS5 announcement, but that is really pushing the extreme.

When the official reveal will take place is not mentioned either, only that it will be happening soon. What do you think it could be? Let us know in the comments below. 

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