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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds gets new patch and update schedule


Did you know that since Playerunknown's Battlegrounds released in March this year it has received 14 updates? Game patches and updates have been rolling out weekly and monthly, but now the developer, Bluehole, decided to slow things down as they prepare for the full launch.

“Today we are changing our patch and update schedule to improve how we work on the game, as well as set realistic expectations for players. Until the official release of the game, we will not have our scheduled weekly or monthly patches rolling out as often as before,” announces Bluehole. “We’ve found internally that being rushed to finish certain features, and having shorter QA test time between pushing updates caused more issues than it solved in regards to maintaining a high standard of quality. We want to put our best content out, and ensure that everything we do is making the game more enjoyable with every update.”

From now on, there won't be the usual weekly updates, only hotfixes as needed. New features will run longer on the test servers and ensure that when the game finally rolls out, that the experience is as smooth as possible.

Bluehole also stressed that the new update schedule in no way means that they're behind schedule, or that it means there will be a lack of new content. “We have a lot of work to do, and we want this game to be released with as many fun, rich, enjoyable features and mechanics as possible,” continues Bluehole. “We want to thoroughly and truthfully emphasize that this will have absolutely no bearing on how much content we deliver, or how much we work on the development of the game.”

In other PUBG news, the game beat League of Legends last week as the most-watched game on Twitch. “In more than 3 years of monitoring Twitch, week 32 2017 was the first one in which League of Legends got beaten by a game that wasn’t pushed by a top tier esports event,” states gamoloco.com. “It’s key to understand here that no AAA industry blockbuster even came close to that kind of performance on Twitch… And no other “top tier esports candidate”, including the highly-heralded Overwatch, got close either.” 16.9 Million total PUBG hours watched on Twitch, which means it beat LoL with nearly 2 million hours.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is scheduled to release on PC later this year, as well as on the Xbox One Preview Program.

Source: Steam Forum

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