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Overwatch’s Junkertown is ‘The Best Thing Ever’


“Junkertown is …. dirty, crazy, harsh, chaotic, unforgiving, grunchy, carnage, beautiful, awesome, comic relief, and The Best Thing Ever.” That's according to the Overwatch development team as they describe the upcoming map in a behind the scenes video. Of course, we believe Papa Jeff.

First some story background. Apparently, the Australian government wanted to make peace with the robots after the Omnic crises and gave them the piece of land that surrounds the Omnium factory. This generous gift, of course, displaced the Aussie farmers and other local folk of that area. One of these displaced folk was none other than Mako Rutledge, better known as Roadhog.

So, of course, he organized the outback folk into a resistance group called the Australian Liberation Front, and they started a revolt against the Omnic occupation.What Roadhog lacks in brains he makes up for in brawn, and so the story ends with a massive explosion of the Omnium factory, and the outback littered with the remains – or junk if you'll have it.

And so Junkertown was born and with it came citizen Junkrat who found a treasure and with it a massive bounty on his head. Naturally, he hired the biggest man in town to be his bodyguard. The rest was history which ended in the duo's expulsion from Junkertown and the wrath of the Queen. Our two heroes want back in, so they're bringing gifts and another explosion.

Back to the making of this glorious map, Junketown. As you'll see in the video, Blizzard put a lot of love into it. They visited an actual ghost town and filled the virtual map with the sounds from that ghost town. Pay notice to the sounds emitted by the payload as you push it through Junkertown – buzzing flies, chains rattling….

Your journey will begin on the outskirts of Junkertown, right at Roadhog's (former) farm. Yes, we get a glimpse of farmer Mako Rutledge's former life. From there you'll push the payload to Junkertown proper (Which is Jeff's favourite part of the map). Notice the tattoo shops, a pub constructed inside a sewer pipe – it's the heart of town and do take a moment to enjoin its unique beauty.


The final section is the Scrap Yard where all the great battles go down (robot wars courtesy of the Queen). A lot of things are happening all at once in this section; the great turbine that swings above which players can, of course, use for a height and movement advantage. Now pay attention heroes – there are two flanking points you can use to get up to sneaky-sneaky business. If you're on defence, make sure to protect those, and if on the attack, deploy heroes through it that can surprise the enemy.

“I hope that Junkertown is the tip of the iceberg for what's more to come for Junkrat, Roadhog, the Queen, and the Junkers as a whole.” Jeff's tease as the video preview concludes. Amen to that.

Overwatch heroes can find their way to Junkertown on September 19.

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