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Nintendo could be working on a Game Boy classic re-release


Yesterday we heard rumblings that Nintendo could be working on a Gameboy Classic Mini. A Japanese trademark bot broke the news on Twitter on the 15th of September (it's a wonder the news took so long to reach the west), that Nintendo has filed trademarks for a “home video game console” – as well as a multitude of other use-cases such as “programs for smartphones”. Link to original tweet here


What draws attention to this trademark filing, however, is the image of the original Gameboy they used as part of the trademark. Alone, this filing may not have meant anything of import, however Nintendo EU recently filed another trademark for, what looks to be, the N64 controller heralding in the idea that Nintendo is going to shrink the whole suite of consoles we loved as children (which no one in their right mind would complain about).  

The SNES Classic Mini was recently released to wide appeal, with many shops being almost instantly sold out; just as the NES Classic Mini was before it. If indeed, this is the start of a Gameboy Classic Mini, I have no doubt that it too, will be highly sought after. It seems like Nintendo is planning a release schedule for the next few years at least, which will see them bringing their old favourites to market once again, albeit even if they have to only have one available at any given time. This is actually an incredibly clever strategy as it would not only pad their proper hardware release schedule but actually, give consumers a legitimate way of reliving their formative years without resorting to PC emulators.  

Just keep in mind that this isn't confirmation of the Gameboy Mini's production, not yet at least. 

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