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Neofeud is a Cyberpunk adventure game coming to Steam very soon


The Cyberpunk theme has been one of my personal favourites for over two decades now, with games like the original Syndicate leading the way, while a film like Blade Runner was (and still is) an unforgettable experience. It’s always exciting to hear about a Cyberpunk themed game, especially when you realize it is releasing tomorrow, 19 September 2017, on Steam.

Neofeud is an indie title developed and published by Silver Spook Games. The game is described as: “a Dystopic Cyberpunk adventure game in the vein of Blade Runner, but with an overlay of Game of Thrones-like political intrigue, and 1366×768, hand-painted, stylized visuals.”

That sounds incredible and from the game’s trailer, which you can view below, it does look like something I would sink my teeth into. An extract of the game’s story description also sounds intriguing, which you can read below:

2033 – We create AI. Sentient robots arrive, but not as our Terminator overlords or our Singularity saviors — conscious machines are humanity's unwanted bastard children. A few are geniuses who design flying cars, beat cancer, invent teleportation, but millions of defective prototypes roll out of factories — mentally challenged, motivationally-challenged, criminally-inclined. Legally conscious, but unhirable, these ‘Defectives’ are shuffled through public housing and welfare assistance, straining the already overburdened back of the meager social safety net. The robots who don't end up in prison are dumped, as a last resort, into a massive landfill known as ‘The Pile’.

Humans engage in perfection of their species — or at least the powerful and well-connected — genetically engineering children with human and animal DNA. The failed eugenics experiment ‘Frankenpeople’ are discarded into ‘The Pile’ as well. The new dynasties, 'Neofeudal Lords', live in towering neon glass castles, shuttle around in pristine nanotech-enabled pods, minds and bodies full of cyberware, spending most of their time taking selfies and ‘optimizing their monetization schemes’. A race of supermen concerned only with their own status, their prestige, their success. Where machines have become all too flawed and human, people have become flawless, perfect, cold machines.”- Source


Players will take up the role of Karl Carbon, an ex-cop that has been exiled to “The Pile”. Neofeud’s features include:

  • “15+ hours of gameplay.
  • An original dystopic sci-fi world and story that will (hopefully) make you question some of your core beliefs. Or at least my sanity
  • Tricky yet satisfying, point-n-click detective work, interspersed with tense action shootouts.
  • Handpainted, uber-gritty, noir futureland. Makes Mad Max and Rick Deckard crap their pants.”

Endless bombardment of witty one-liners from hardboiled cyberpunk. Neofeud will release on Steam tomorrow at 18:00 South African time. In the first week of launch, the game’s regular price of $15 has also been slashed to just $12, which at the current Dollar to Rand exchange rate is R158.34.      

Watch the official Neofued trailer below and then tell us what you think about the game in the comment section below.

Source: Steam

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