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Long-awaited Battle.net features might be on their way


For many of us, Blizzard's Battle.net is basically just a launch that we run to go and lose a few games in Overwatch or farm some more loot in Diablo 3. Battle.net doesn’t feel as robust feature wise as the likes of Steam and there have been some features fans have been hoping for. At the moment, the service just doesn’t bring enough to the party…

Nothing official has been announced, but it looks like Battle.net could finally get the long-awaited features players have been looking for. The news comes from a datamine of a recent Battle.net update, as reported on MMO-Champion. It looks like the new features will include a Discord-like group system, avatars and a feature I’ve personally been looking forward to a lot, an option to appear offline.

There are a plethora of strings, from creating a group channel to standard error messages and a daily message. Below, you can check out the most descriptive strings:

  • “Groups are the social hub for you and your friends across Blizzard”
  • “Use groups to coordinate play time, discuss strats, or just hang out and chat”
  • “They're also a great way to expand your circle of Blizzard friends”
  • “Woah, looks like you're the group owner. You need to transfer ownership before leaving”
  • “You are currently appearing offline”
  • “Send this link to others to invite them to your group”

Then, group icons and player avatars have also been found, examples of which you can view below.

Group Icons:


Player Avatars:


This all could be a big step to create a more social experience on Battle.net. Recently, a Battle.net mobile app launched that focuses on the social experience. Destiny 2 for PC also releases this month, so let’s hope the Battle.net update hits with the release of Bungie’s exceptionally fun sequel.

Since these strings have already been found in a Battle.net update that went live recently, it is plausible that an update with one or more of these features might be next, or at least not very far off. At the time of writing, Blizzard has yet to officially announce the features and a concrete release date, but I expect them to be revealed at Blizzcon 2017 early next month at the very least.

Source: MMO-Champion

What do you think about the features possibly coming to Battle.net? Let us know in the comment section below.

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