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Law Mower is out now on Steam – ‘Grass grows when the blood flows’


I first noticed Law Mower a few months ago and since then I’ve been anxiously awaiting its release. Every time someone in my neighbourhood decided to cut their grass, it reminded me to check back for the game on Steam, and this weekend was no different.  

Why does Law Mower sound so fantastic to me you might ask? Well, it is an indie title, created by Scoria Studios and it is always great to support unique indie games. Further, if you are like me and love games like Hotline Miami or the first couple of GTA titles, or you are just looking for some brutal 2D action with a unique twist, then Law Mower might just be for you.  

Law Mower is all about one man’s journey to cut every blade of grass in the world. It plays on the topic that everyone who lives in a residential area might know – those weekends of others (and maybe you as well) mowing lawn. The game speaks to me on various levels, from a quest to make the world better to that impulsive need to do something over and over again, in this case, mowing the lawn.


The game’s description reads:

“A man's strength comes from his power to change the world around him. Law Mower is a game about one man's epic journey to achieve his life's purpose – to cut every blade of grass in the world. From America's suburbia to the Russian tundra, nature and society will do everything in its power to stop you. Crack open your garage, grab a gas can, and get ready to mow down your enemies!

A mow a day keeps the HOA away A man's home is his castle, and every house needs maintenance. Sometimes your neighbors don't keep up and ruin your home's value. Mow their yards in the dead of night and destroy their flowerbeds. When the police come, just leave town and mow somewhere else. If anyone tries to stop you, show them your blades.”


Key Features include:

  • Campaign – “Law Mower comes with a 45 map campaign split into three episodes: Knee Deep in the Crud, The Moors That Smell, and Thy Grass Exhumed. Each episode takes place at a different time of year. Mow every level while fighting off dogs, infantry, and other home owners. Choose the difficulty appropriate to your skill level, and complete each level under the time limit and without dying to get 3-star perfection.”
  • Multiplayer – “Fight your neighbors and friends to the death in online multiplayer. Multiple game modes are available and include Coop, Classic, DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, and Domination.”
  • Maps and Mods – “Not satisfied with the official maps? Create your own with our included map editor. Then create a server in the game to share your masterpiece with strangers and friends. Join other servers and automatically download required map and mod files.”
  • Law Difficulty – “There are five difficulty levels on the first playthrough. Completing the campaign on Executioner difficulty unlocks a sixth difficulty called Cruel & Unusual that increases enemy movement speed. Each campaign level can be completed with a maximum of three stars. Players receive a star for completing the level, not losing any lives, and finishing under the par time.”
  • Enemies – “There are 5 enemy types – Dogs, Gophers, Birds, Rocket Infantry and other homeowners. Dogs, infantry, and homeowners can be mowed down, but players must avoid being bitten, blown up, and mowed down themselves. Gophers and birds can not be run over, but can be killed indirectly by a rocket blast.”

Law Mower won’t win any Game of the Year awards, but for me, it is definitely worth the asking price of R92.25 on Steam right now. 

Watch the launch trailer for Law Mower launch trailer below and then tell us what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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