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L.A Noire will cost you more on Switch due to cartridge manufacturing


The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic device but it seems that creating its game cartridges is not a cheap feat at all. A few months ago when RiME released on the device, it was revealed that the hard copy of the game would cost $10 more than the standard edition. This was to make up for the expensive components that go into building the plastic chip that stores the game. 

Well, it seems that we can expect a higher price in general for all hard copy Switch games as the upcoming L.A Noire has also seen a price hike on the platform. The PS4 and Xbox One edition of the upcoming Rockstar remaster will set you back $39,99, but on the Switch, users will have to fork out $49,99. Saying that, however, if you are up for the digital version, the game will cost you the same price as the other platforms. 

This could be an issue for Nintendo going forward as a $10 increase in price is not a small amount of money. Users need to take into consideration that they would need storage space to make sure the game fits on their console, and if not they would need to either opt to buy a Micro-SD or stick to hard copies. I for one have run out of space on my Switch and thank goodness the last game I got, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was a hard copy else I would have had to go and buy extra storage.

This price hike also only seems to stem from third-party games released on the platform. RiME, and L.A Noire are $10 more, whereas Mario Kart 8 and even Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle came in at the same price as the Nintendo eShop. Guess Blu-Ray discs are just cheaper to use in the long run.

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