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Inmates is a psychological horror game that looks absolutely terrifying


If you have a fear of being locked up or have any sort of claustrophobia, then you should steer clear of the newly announced psychological horror game for PC, entitled Inmates. Having had experience dealing with prison inmates over a decade ago, I can say with certainty that the psychological pressure on them and the stories they tell are, without a doubt, extremely intense and some of that still remains with me to this day.

That’s why this new indie title created by Davit Andreasyan and published by IceBerg Interactive caught my attention and I simply can’t wait to play it.

About Inmates

The game will see players take on the role of the protagonist Jonathan as he explores a run-down prison holding dark secrets. From the trailer (which you can view at the bottom of this article), you can see the game boasts some great graphics as it has been created using the Unreal Engine 4. Inmates will feature puzzles, disturbing imagery and more and will take an estimated 3-4 hours to complete. Inmates is a story-driven, atmospheric psychological horror game. Featuring interactive exploration in a suffocating location, mind-bending puzzles and disturbing imagery.  

Inmates is described as the following on the game’s official Steam page:

“The most frightening thing about Jonathan’s nightmare is that he may not be dreaming… Inmates is a psychological horror game with puzzle elements in which you must find out the truth behind your confinement and uncover the dark secrets of the run-down prison you find yourself in. You’ve awoken from a nightmare, Jonathan. But did it truly end? You are in a seedy prison cell and have no clue how you got there.

You’re terrified and confused, but you also feel something else: a painful sense of familiarity. You’ve convinced yourself this is all just a bad dream. Unfortunately, according to the voice coming from the old radio, things are not as simple as you’d like them to be. Delve deep into your psyche while trying to stay sane, in this most disturbing of horror games.” – Source

The game’s features include:

  • Interact with the environment to unravel the truth
  • Intense and mind-bending puzzles
  • Suffocating setting
  • Disturbing imagery
  • High-quality graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Full controller support
  • Estimated game length: 3-4 hours

The game is “coming soon” but there is no official release date so far. One excellent piece of good news we do have is that the game will only cost $9.99 on Steam and other digital distribution platforms, which is R131.59 at the current Dollar to Rand exchange rate.                              

Check out the disturbing trailer from Gamescom 2017 below and then tell us if this is the type of game you would enjoy playing.

Source: Steam

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