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Hellblade PS4 File Size Revealed


In just a few days I'll play my most anticipated game of 2017. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice releases on August 8 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro. According to the developer, Ninja Theory, it will take about eight hours to play through the game. The last batch of screenshots showed one of the most impressive worlds ever created in gaming, and one would think that points towards a massive file size – yet it doesn't, at least not on PlayStation 4.

We've already know that the PC download size is 30GB, and we know also have the PlayStation 4 disc space requirement, and it is a bit baffling. On Hellblade's PlayStation Store page it states that you'll need “15GB minimum save size,” which is half of the hard drive space required for PC. It could be that the size will change as it's not yet detailed on the usual spot on the left pane.

With Hellblade, Ninja Theory attempts to deliver something we've not yet seen in gaming, VR and film. One of the key mechanics to accomplish that feat was in how they captured Senua in-game. They used real-time performance capture, it was performed live by an actress and rendered in real-time directly in the game world, marking a milestone in real-time performance capture,” explained Kim Libreri, CTO of Epic Games. “Creating a believable, digital character, that you can interact with has been a holy grail since the birth of computer graphics.”

We also know that there will be a Photo Mode for PC and PlayStation  4, and that on PC the game will require “a beast” to play in 4K resolution. If you're going to play Hellblade on the PlayStation 4 Pro, then you'll have two options; enhanced resolution, or higher framerate (60fps).

If you've not yet pre-ordered Hellblade, then you can check out “What you'll pay for August's top game releases – Digital versions.”

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