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Gearbox finally gives up on Battleborn to focus on Borderlands 3


15 months ago Gearbox software released a pretty awesome multiplayer game, in my opinion, that merged a massive roster of characters with an action-packed story mode and MOBA-like gameplay. Battleborn was not half bad but the problem was that it released a week before one of the biggest games of the decade, Overwatch. Needless to say, Battleborn did not pick up as well as everyone hoped and its potential was drowned in Blizzard's unlimited marketing budget for Overwatch. 

15 months later and the game still failed to pick up even after various DLC releases and the game going completely free to play earlier this year in an attempt to get more people into the fight. With Gearbox needing to focus on other things the studio has finally decided to let Battleborn die a slow and painful death. Creative director Randy Varnell expressed his views on the development of the game in which he states that after the next update that will include new Borderlands-themed skins, new challenges and some visual tweaks, the development team will cease development on the game. 

It has only been 15 months since Battleborn released and while this might seem like a long time, this is a multiplayer game and development is meant to go on for a while before stopping. It seems that Gearbox has just decided to move on to greener pastures to work on a new “anticipated project” (cough) Borderlands 3. 

This move makes complete sense as I am sure the servers are pretty dead for Battlborn and Gearbox should focus their attention on what they should have been working on in the first place, which is no doubt Borderlands 3. Still, if you want to play Battleborn the servers will be up for a while according to the forum so you can do the updates and head in, or just play single player if you want to. 

Did you ever give Battleborn a chance? Let us know in the comments below. 

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