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Game of Thrones: Conquest – The fight for the Iron Throne goes mobile


While we are all still in shock and awe after watching the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones and hoping that the Bethesda Game of Thrones videogame rumour turns out to be true, there is some more great news for Game of Thrones fans.

There is a mobile game called Game of Thrones: Conquest, developed by Turbine and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment as well as HBO Global Licensing, coming out later this year. Without beating around the bush too much, this is what the game is described as in a Press Release:

Developed by Turbine, the MMO strategy mobile game puts players at the head of their own powerful House, with the ultimate goal of navigating the dangerous political landscape of Westeros and claiming the Iron Throne. Players will see some familiar faces from the hit HBO® show as they play the game, including Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, and Jon Snow. Game of Thrones: Conquest is coming to the App Store and Google Play later this year.

You can pre-register here now and receive freebies worth $50 (R641.82 at the current Dollar to Rand conversion rate) when the game launches. These freebies are all in the Prepare for War bundle, which is only available in the first week after launch, so those who play mobile games and love the Game of Thrones universe shouldn’t miss out. The Prepare for War bundle includes resources to use in their fight for the Iron Throne, as well as exclusive Night’s Watch training gear.  

Features of Game of Thrones: Conquest includes:

  • Fight for the Crown – Create your own House and defend it from rivals as you increase in strength and political influence. Join an Allegiance of other players as you race into PvP battles across the Seven Kingdoms.  
  • Your Play Matters – Choose to rule with might or deception! Build your army and fight against others as you grow in power. Command your own small council as you capture iconic Seats of Power such as Winterfell, Casterly Rock and King’s Landing.  
  • Westeros is Alive – Live your fantasy in the world of Game of Thrones! Build your house, expand your kingdom, form alliances, and interact with iconic characters from the hit HBO series.  

It will be interesting to see how the game turns out and how actual gameplay is. Even so, I am already excited to try this mobile game. I tested out the pre-registration this morning on my Android phone and I am happy to report that it worked perfectly from South Africa.  

What do you think about the idea of Game of Thrones: Conquest and will you be pre-registering for some awesome freebies? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Press Release, Conquest Website

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