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Fortnite: 10 tips every survivor should know


Fortnite continues to entertain us all here at Gamezone and as we cut down through hordes of husks and attempt to build our dream bases we're managing to pic

k up some awesome tricks along the way – and we're here to share them with all of you!

Since our last Fortnite video, the early access game has seen a lot of patch and update activity, from small bug fixes to major changes – the game is evolving brilliantly and this kind of developer attention is always welcome, especially when it comes to early access titles.From my time playing the game with friends, I’ve discovered and been taught a bunch of neat tricks and tips regarding building, harvesting and defending. From the likes of structuring wall defences to incorporate all forms of traps to knowing which missions prove the richest in resources, we try to cover them all.

So join us in our video below as we share 10 must know tips for the Fortnite player.

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