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Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion gets a release date and trailer


Final Fantasy XV was an epic RPG which I would love to go back to. Unfortunately, the recent expansions have not been that great offering a bite-sized experience that follows the story of Noctis' missing comrades during the game. I have been eagerly awaiting the multiplayer mode for the game which will hopefully add a few more hours onto the post-game content and let me gather cool weapons and take on gigantic monsters with my friends.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is the upcoming multiplayer mode that hopes to do just that and it is releasing soon. On 31 October you and some friends will be able to jump into this new expansion pack, create a unique character and take on some quests together online. The game supports up to three players and lets you equip royal sigils which grant each player special powers from the Lucian bloodline. It is best if you all try and work together on the tasks ahead and strategize to form a balanced team. 

The expansion takes place during the events of the main game, after Chapter 13 where you are a survivor of the Kingsglaive and it is now your mission to try and track down the missing prince Noctis. New playable characters such as Ignis and Prompto will be added to the game at a later date too. You and three friends will be able to take on various missions as well as improve your characters across the experience with new gear and items. 

Comrades will be available on Xbox One, and PS4 on 31 October 2017 as part of the Season Pass. If you do not own the pass you will be able to buy the pack as a standalone version too. 

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