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Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition releasing in September along with a limited Pip-Boy version


Fallout 4 might have released back in 2015, but that does not mean it is too late to release a Game of the Year Edition two years later. The game did not technically win much in 2015 during the annual Game of the Year Awards, it, however, did manage to snag some other accolades across the industry like BAFTA's Best Game Award. Well, to celebrate this achievement, and probably try to rake some more cash in because why not? Bethesda will be re-releasing Fallout 4 in a special bundle this September. 

The Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition will include all six add-ons that made their way to the game over the past two years. Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop, Nuka-World, Far Harbor, and Contraptions Workshop. It also goes without saying that the new game bundle will ship with the latest updates across all three platforms which includes the PS4 Pro support. Bethesda is said to release the Fallout 4 Xbox One X patch in November too, so if you have not played the game and plan on picking up Microsoft's new powerhouse, then this would be the best time to do so. 


Don't expect to pay much for this GOTY edition of the game as Bethesda has priced the bundle at $59,99 so it should come in around R800 in SA. There will also be a limited release of the Pip-Boy edition which was the original Collector's Edition when Fallout 4 released back in 2015. Bethesda had trouble keeping up with the demand when the original game released, but hopefully, they will sort that out this time if there is a high demand to get hold of one of these. Bethesda has confirmed that the Pip-Boy edition is identical to the original version except for not coming in the fancy plastic shell this time around.

I purchased the Pip-Boy back then and was a little disappointed at the quality of it. It feels cheap and the padding inside is frail and could wear even after days of use. I also have a big iPhone 7 Plus so I could not use the device to its full potential. Still, it makes for a pretty epic display item when it is on its stand, and given that it is going to be priced at $99, it could be the best time to buy it. Remember, it all depends on if we get it here or not. We are waiting for confirmation. 

Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition is scheduled for release on 26 September 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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