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Everything you need to know about PS4 firmware 5.0 – out now


The latest PS4 system software is live and while it might come across as if there is nothing major added with this new update, there is actually quite a lot of new features. From the new custom friends list, to basically adding your entire notification system to the PS4 quick menu, there are some very useful new features that you should know about.

Before we get to the main new features, Sony has put together some great tutorials to show you how to make use of some of them.  This includes the ability to now stream in 1080p 60FPS on Twitch, create custom friends lists, and of course manage the new notification system. 

Notification System

Custom Friends Lists

1080p 60FPS Twitch Streaming

Now onto the new features of system software 5.0. Below are some detailed explanations of each major new ability of the PS4 after you update.

Team Tournaments

The 5.00 update brings a new dimension to esports on PS4, with the launch of ESL Team Tournaments. An extension of the PS4 Events tab, you’ll now find the option to join or create a team of players to squad up and play together online in selected team-based multiplayer games. You can register your team for any upcoming tournaments in the Events schedule, see what upcoming matches you can compete in, then show off your results on your team page.


Each team can have up to 100 members, and you can join up to 60 different teams at once, each with a unique name, logo and profile. There’s a team chat function so you can discuss tactics before jumping into battle, and you can recruit (or remove) members as you go. So before long, you could be part of an all-conquering crew. Supported games at launch are Uncharted 4 and Mantis Burn Racing, with more to follow.

Parental control improvements for families on PSN

One major feature that was included with the 5.00 update beta trial was a brand new family on PSN, replacing the previous master/sub-accounts. With this new family system, each PS4 user can be managed individually, meaning parents can stay in control of what younger children play, watch, and their online access, while older kids and adults are free to play games or watch movies suitable for their age group. 


And because the controls are applied individually to each PSN account (rather than just to your home console), they’ll apply to whichever PS4 a family member signs in on.

Family management

Now, with the full launch of system software 5.00, families on PSN can now be managed from a dedicated web portal, meaning parents and guardians can easily adjust their parental controls from their smartphone and PC.


These new Family Management settings are now available in the PS4 settings menu and are ready to set up now. If you’ve already set up your family on PSN and want to try out the web portal, you can find it here.

Follow Anyone


You can now follow any PSN account to see what they’re playing and sharing on PS4, without needing to be friends with them – so if there’s a player who’s a master of your favourite game and shares inspiring videos and screenshots, you can follow them to see their latest updates in your What’s New feed.

Last but not least are other smaller tweaks that include a new friends list management system, virtual surround sound for VR while watching DVDs, new notification settings, enhancements to the quick menu and improvements to the music player. 

PS4 firmware 5.0 is out today and available to download for free. What feature is your biggest one? Let us know in the comments below. 

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