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Destiny 2 PC trailer and pre-load time revealed


Destiny 2's PC launch is almost upon us, and I couldn't be more excited. It will be my new obsession, and with our guild, the Mystic Marshmallows, I plan to experience everything the game has to offer. I've even upgraded my rig with a GTX1080, but if you don't have this beat, then fret not, as Destiny 2 scales extremely well, and it looked spectacular even with my previous AMD 9290.

Bungie released the PC launch trailer for Destiny 2, and you'll get a glimpse of what the game has to offer if you have what I presume is a rig with the recommended PC specs. For those who have a 4K monitor, you can watch the trailer in 2160p, but it even looks breathtaking at 1080p.

PC gamers will no doubt play the most beautiful version of Destiny 2 with its uncapped framerate and 4K resolution. The video shows all in-game footage, with fine detail and spectacular landscapes. It's important to note, that Digital Foundry said of the PC version that it is “One of the most technically accomplished PC versions we've ever seen.” Coming from them, it says a lot.

We've, of course, reviewed the console version (PS4), and the game (mostly) exceeded our expectations. We did share some of our concerns relating to the story and ending.

Destiny 2 launches on PC on Tuesday, 24 October (SA gamers can begin there journey at 7 pm). Bungie confirmed via Twitter that the pre-loading will kick off on Wednesday, 18 October!


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