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Destiny 2 on PC is an overwhelming experience


I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The beauty around me was truly breathtaking, the action overwhelming, and the attention to detail bordering on the obsessive. Destiny had my attention the moment I stepped into the game.

I was on mic with our resident Destiny fanboy, Mr. Coco, and I couldn't stop repeating “AMG it is beautiful.” I'll never forget those first few moments with the Destiny 2 PC beta. It would set the tone for most of my experience over the next few days. Let me say right off the bat that I don't even have a fantastic rig, just an average one; an overclocked AMD 9200, i7, and HD monitor.

Yet, in spite of my specs, Destiny 2 looked and played like I was running it on a monster PC

Destiny 2 co-op: Who Moved My Cheese?!

When it comes to genres, I am a MMORPG junkie in remission (yes World of Warcraft and all those), with my other fancy being team-based online games like Overwatch and Team Fortress 2. Destiny is an action role-playing game, but it doesn't have a strong influence from any of the two genres I enjoy, it's more like a hybrid mixture of various genres. It is very different in its role-playing elements from the likes of WoW and Rift, and the teamplay differs significantly from that of say Overwatch. At first, I felt very uncomfortable with the odd mix that makes up Destiny 2 co-op play. I struggled to find my feet, especially in the Strike as I am so used to playing either a very strong support role or just DPS. Give me someone to heal I screamed! I am, after all, a Guardian – but definitely not of my other two teamies.

No matter what I tried, it felt like I kept on missing something. I could appreciate the game for its beauty, gameplay, characters, world, and setting, but something kept on eluding me. It took a few Strikes (you keep on playing Inverted Spire strike in the beta) before I found the perfect Guardian fit, and then I bid farewell to every other game I was currently playing.

I had to tweak my Guardian, remap my keys, and reconfigure how I approach the Strike. I am so used to the MMORPG style, or the Overwatch way, that I wanted to force Destiny 2 into those molds – but it has a unique style, and once I grasped that I couldn't stop playing.

There's this place where magic lives in Destiny 2 co-op where you can hit a perfect balance between providing support and delivering DPS. If I gave up before I found that sweet spot, I would've walked away from a game that has so much to offer.

In my first Strike with Mr. Coco, he had double my kills, and I had double support points. In my last Strike with some randoms, I contributed equally well in DPS and support. I found that synergy between attack and team support and I delivered a beautiful dance of destruction and healing, and I fell in love with the Warlock Voidwalker. I can see how I'll spend hours perfecting my gameplay with this Guardian.

Strikes and Raids will be my primary reason for playing Destiny 2. In every MMORPG I've played, it has always been end game raiding, and I hope the full game will not disappoint (I'll revisit this topic when I've completed a few end-game Raids).

Raiding won't, however, be my only reason for playing Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 -The Story

I didn't experience near enough of the story to say that it will be good or bad, but it definitely has me intrigued and wanting more. It's in Destiny 2's story campaign that the games' incredibly beautiful landscape, fascinating characters, and player immersion happen. It certainly looks like Bungie listened to fans and made the necessary changes from its predecessor.

When it comes to delivering a good enough story, Destiny 2 has a lot riding on the shoulders of its Guardians. There can be no doubt that Bungie already delivered on the graphics side, so when it comes to the PC audience, they've won half the battle, right? The bit I played of the story felt like a deliciously wicked tease, leaving me begging for more.

Now that we've settled that let's move right along to the only part of Destiny 2 I didn't enjoy; player-vs-player.


Destiny 2 PvP – Can I call a friend?

I didn't enjoy the Destiny 2 PvP but not because it was bad, but because I am terrible at it. I didn't play enough of the PvP to give you a well-rounded opinion about it, but I do have one golden rule for you that I know will make the experience a blast.

Play with a clan. Do not enter, I repeat, do not play PvP without some locals. It's the only way I see how you'll keep those wins coming in. And I have just the clan to join! MWEB GameZone has a Destiny 2 clan with the fancy name of Mystic Marshmallows. Unless you're Chuck Norris, then you can play PvP as a one-man team no problem.

Jokes and self-promotion aside, Destiny 2's PvP is fast, brutal, and violent. There isn't time to strategize, think, or even aim. It's all instinct and reflexes. You have to know your Guardian and your team, or you'll get annihilated. I wanted to scream “Someone put up a F%#Hking shield” so many times … but alas everyone was just doing their own solo thing in the four-man PvP battle.

When I talked to our Destiny guru about the PvP, he gave me a one-liner. “It's a different game,” (I also heard “oh young padawan” in my head).  He is right though, Destiny 2 PvP is another thing, and the best advice is the most obvious as well. Join a clan, if not ours, then any.

Destiny 2 launches on PS4 and Xbox One in a few days, and on PC in October. The few hours I had with the PC beta convinced me to exchange cash for the opportunity to don a Guardian suit.

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