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Denuvo fails again as Shadow of War gets cracked within a day


Shadow of War is probably one of October's biggest games. I have played the entire game, reviewed it and gave it a 9/10. Really, it is that good. When a game this big gets released there are unfortunately downsides to it too. The more popular the game, the higher demand for a pirated version and Shadow of War has been cracked within a day of its release. 

Denuvo, the so-called “anti-piracy” measure included in various games these days did not last long protecting the game. We have seen this in the past as earlier this year Prey 2 also suffered the same fate. The whole idea behind Denuvo is that it is meant boast added protection that makes these games extremely hard to crack. Now I am not going to say it is completely useless as when the anti-piracy measure was first introduced it took over a month for hackers to crack the games, and some titles still don't have cracks available, so there is good news there, however, the more it seems to be helping, the more it seems to be failing. 

In the recent weeks Cuphead, Total War: Warhammer 2, and now Shadow of War all got cracked within a day of its global launch. This is not good news at all. Saying that, however, a recent study showed that piracy does not impact games sales. We covered the recent report that the EU Commission released where they could not find a solid link between the two.  

Still, Denuvo if failing to keep things safe and publishers are paying for this protection. Don't you think it is about time they move onto something new? 

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