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Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown is PUBG meets Dead by Daylight – New gameplay revealed


With the success of PUBG clearly highlighting the popularity of the Battle Royale-style games, it's only expected that we'd see more games in other genres apply some of these concepts to their design as well. We've seen it with Epic Games and their Fortnite Battle Royale mode and with each iteration, we're slowly starting to see more and more interesting design choices creep into the genre.

Crytek is not one to be left behind, with their new Battle-royale-esque, Hunt: Showdown making its way to us early next year. Hunt: Showdown places you in the role of a monster hunter, your prey of choice being demons and other eldritch abominations that have escaped from hell in the Louisiana swamps. Currently, the game consists of multiple groups of two players, each trying to find the same boss hidden somewhere in the map; after the boss has been killed, it's up to the players to hunt each other down or escape, very reminiscent of Escape of Tarkov. 

Ahead of that release we just got a new gameplay walkthrough. In this 12-minute long video, we get to see new enemies such as the Hellhound and some new weapons, a belt-fed revolver in particular; which looks AWESOME. 

This walkthrough also focused on the more nuanced aspects of Hunt, such as audio traps and visual indicators – showing us how exactly to use these aspects against other players and not being caught out by them ourselves. 

Unlike the E3 walkthrough, this match occurs during the day and the environment still looks gross; beautifully so. Finally, we get to see what the true repercussions are to being the first team at the boss, much more so than we did in the E3 walkthrough.

I personally am looking forward to Hunt more so than other Battle-Royale style games I've played so far, with the subject-matter definitely being one of the driving factors behind it. This walkthrough has solidified it a little more and I can't wait to see what else Crytek is holding beneath the water – I have a feeling more of these details will start surfacing very soon. Take a look at the video below

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