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Clash of Clans’ iconic character has ‘built a statue’ in the real world


Last week, I reported that something very strange was going on with the Clash of Clans Builder, a character that has been the staple of the game since its launch five years ago. Supercell is celebrating the game’s fifth anniversary, but for some fans, it was a heartbreaking sight as we saw the video (view at the bottom of this article) of the Builder leaving to go on an adventure.

In-game, players would see a Barbarian taking over the duties of the Builder last week. This week, we see a Giant building stuff in our base, as developer Supercell announced on Twitter that: “No word from the Builder so the Giant is taking over building duties this week. Surprise enemies with defending giants for a limited time!” – Source

To the surprise and relief of many fans, the Builder’s journey isn’t coming to an end, but it is taking a real-world twist. As announced by Supercell, the character has built a statue in Brooklyn, New York City.

About the glorious P.E.K.K.A. statue

Of course, it isn’t the actual Builder, that would be crazy! The statue was reportedly created by Barton F. Graf in collaboration with Supercell and it looks absolutely fantastic. The statue is a P.E.K.K.A. (arguably the strongest melee character in the game) accompanied by its bane, a Tesla Tower.

They aren’t just awesome structures that serve as eye candy, but also has some great use in the form of built-in cell phone chargers. Jeff Benjamin, executive creative director at Barton F. Graf explains that:

“We’ve never had a hero leave the entertainment world—whether it was film, comic or gaming—and come to our world and make it better. Until now the Builder’s heroism has been contained to Clash of Clans—but what would a hero do in our own universe? What does it mean to be a hero here when all your life you’ve wanted to build and help?

This is just the beginning of a global adventure that could only exist now because of platforms like YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and Facebook. They reframe what it means to be real, alive, and most of all matter.” – Source

A message from the Builder: 


Tesla Tower: 


Tools and plans: 


What do you think about the Builder’s expedition into the real world and do you play Clash of Clans? Let us know in the comment section below.

ICYMI: Watch the heartbreaking video entitled “Bye Bye Builder!” below.

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