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Bungie reveals a highly-impressive Destiny 2 statistic


While Marco has already completed the Destiny 2 campaign and is gearing up for raiding in our very own Mystic Marshmallows guild (which is open to all South Africans), I am still making my way through the campaign. The one thing that is certain though, is that we are both enjoying every moment in the game, as it is spectacular, to say the least.

That’s awesome because Destiny 2 is a massive success at launch. Late last night, it was announced by developer Bungie that 1.2 million concurrent players were enjoying the game. That’s a whole lot of Guardians!

Bungie announces on Twitter:

Thank you all so much for playing, Guardians! Right now Destiny 2 has over 1.2 Million concurrent players online. We'll see you in the wild.” – Source

Remember, that’s not the total number of gamers playing Destiny 2, but rather the number of players who were online at the same time. That is an extremely impressive number, especially since the game is only coming out on PC in October.

For PC gamers who want to know what they will be getting themselves into, check out our opinion about the PC version after playing the beta. As mentioned earlier in this article, my colleague Marco already completed the campaign and he is busy gearing up for the raid that releases next week, as per the roadmap, which you can learn about here. Check out our video below for the 10 things you should do after finishing the Destiny 2 campaign.  

Were you one of those 1.2 million players and how are you enjoying the game so far? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Twitter

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