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Blizzard releases Battle.net mobile app to make everyone’s lives easier


It was just last week when I was thinking to myself why in the world Blizzard does not have a dedicated mobile app for Battle.net? The service has been around for a few years now and it should be about time they get one right? Well, it seems that they could have been reading my thoughts as today Blizzard released a dedicated Battle.net app. The announcement came from their blog where the developers revealed the app and exactly what it would be useful for. 

The app makes it more convenient to keep in touch with your Blizzard friends and make new ones, according to the post. So gone are those annoying WhatsApp groups, and welcome the app where you can actually speak to people that you game with, on the platform you game on. While the features of the app are a bit limited right now, strictly based on social abilities like texting and making friends/accepting requests, I am sure we will see more features coming soon. It would be nice to start updates, and perhaps even pause them and resume them from the app directly. 


Mobile Chat

Now it's easier to coordinate play time, discuss strats, or just hang out and chat. When your friends are unavailable, chat history and notifications keep the conversation going.

Mobile Presence

You can see at a glance what your Blizzard friends are up to, so you know when it’s time to jump into a game.

Mobile Friending

Quickly add friends or accept friend requests right from your phone. You can also scan a QR code for easy in-person friending.

You can download the app today from the Play Store and the App Store. Blizzard says that the rollout has begun across different regions, so if it is not there, simply check back later. 

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