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Blizzard mentions multiple new IPs and we can’t be more excited


Blizzard is my favourite developer of all time, as the StarCraft, Diablo and WarCraft franchises have given me thousands upon thousands of hours of joy. When they do create a new IP, like Overwatch, it is a smash hit that consumes us. There is nothing quite like the Blizzard franchises for me, in gaming and dare I say, in any industry.

But what is Blizzard working on next? We simply don’t know, but it has now been revealed that Blizzard is incubating multiple new Intellectual Properties (IPs). The news comes from the latest Activision Blizzard earnings call, which took place last night. Blizzard’s co-founder, Mike Morhaime, announced that:

“In addition to supporting all of our live games, we’re committed to incubating new initiatives. And we’re also thinking about different platforms, especially mobile. In terms of new IP, our pipeline is in a better position than ever before in our history.” Mr Morhaime continued by explaining that: “So we now have multiple dedicated incubation teams that are being led by some of our most experienced game designers at Blizzard.” – Source

If you’ve been a Blizzard fan for a while, you would know that Blizzard seriously takes their time with each title. Blizzard’s “soon” has always been something gamers would see as “in the next year”, so to think that the new IPs are still a long way off, means we won’t hear about them this year, or maybe even in 2018.

Mr Morhaime further explains that:

“I should say that creating new Blizzard-quality games on any platform will take time, and as we’ve shown in the past, we’re not going to release any games that we feel don’t live up to our expectations or those of our players. When we do bring new experiences to current or new platforms for new and existing IPs, they're gonna be ideas that our teams are passionate about, and that we think there’s a large audience for.” – Source

Go ahead Blizzard, take your time, in fact, take as much time as you need. Whatever these new IPs might be, it is excellent to see that Blizzard is sticking to their policy of showing and releasing games when they are ready. The Blizzard polish is something I can stand behind, even though a part of me just wants to see or know what they are working on.

Which type of game genre and setting do you hope these new IPs are all about and what is your favourite Blizzard game? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Gamespot, Gamasutra

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