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Battlefield 1 CTE now available on console


Last month, EA DICE confirmed that Battlefield 1 players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will soon join their PC counterparts on the popular Community Test Environment (CTE) servers. If you own a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, and you want to join the console CTE, then you can register for access from today.

EA DICE uses the CTE to test as yet unreleased content for Battlefield 1. It's where all the kinks are ironed out to ensure a stable gaming experience before releasing on multiplayer servers. If you want to register for the console, then click on “MORE” and the Community Test Environment from the main menu of Battlefield 1.

In other Battlefield news, Westie did the July “The Order of Battle” recap, below are the highlights.

The Order of Battle – July Recap

  • The fan-requested feature, Battlefield 1 Mission Tracker released in July.
  • Battlefield 1 Summer Missions kicked off: The new mission will run from 5-13 August. Late August will get the last mission. Complete all three to unlock the special reward.
  • Second night map, Prise de Tahure released
  • PC CTE received two maps from In the Name of the Tsar
  • CTE now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • New competitive mode to be announced at Gamescom in August

We've been enjoying the PC CTE, and it's definitely worth that Premium Pass as you get to try out new maps before it officially releases.

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