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Battle.net app gets new social features and ‘appear offline’ mode


A few days ago a leak suggested that some long-awaited Battle.net features might be on their way, and as it turns out, most of it turned out to be correct. Blizzard announced new social features and an “appear offline” mode that is currently in testing for the beta version of a new Battle.net desktop app.

To test the beta version all you have to do is select the “Switch to Beta Version” in your current Battle.net app settings. Below is a summary of the new features.

Battle.net Beta App Core Features

  • Social Tab: Where you manage all your social interactions, including friends and the new Blizzard Groups.
  • Blizzard Groups: A platform to create chat groups around a common interest, like planning your next Raid. Each group has admins, multiple voice and chat channels, and other tools.
  • Profiles: Customize your profile with a unique avatar, profile message, and social media links.
  • Appear Offline: Set your status to “Appear Offline” while remaining connected to the App.

You can check out more details about each feature here.

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