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5 Ways Destiny 2 sets itself apart from the original


Destiny 2 is literally a few hours away. Yes, I know when your read this it is probably still a good dozen hours or so but if I say “days” it makes it sound far and makes me sad. On Wednesday, 6 September we will venture into a whole new Destiny experience with new characters, enemies, weapons, strikes, and of course the infamous Raid. To prepare you for what is to come, I have listed the top 5 ways Destiny 2 will be bigger and better than its predecessor. Be it in visuals, map size, or even how the game now handles matchmaking.

The Story will be better

Like all past Destiny experiences, it revolves around various intergalactic races at war against each other for some reason or another. Destiny 2 might revolve around the Red Legion at the start of the game, but there is much more going on all over the galaxy than you think. The Vex, the Fallen, and of course the Hive are all plotting their dirty deeds and throughout the game, as we experience the Strikes and other missions, we will visit different locations and encounter new challenges that will touch on these back stories. 


It does not end there though as Destiny 2's overall story looks to be the best ever made. With in-game cutscenes and great voice work combining together to create a stunning action sci-fi experience. We all know the old faces in the game, and they are back, better than ever. I cannot also wait to meet all the new faces in the game, as well as the enemies, as we know they are going to be epic. 

Guided Games will leave no Guardian out

Did you ever have an issue finding a team of players to experience the Raid with? Well, it was a common issue in the original Destiny and Destiny 2 will fix this. Guided Games is a dedicated matchmaking and activity finder in the sequel that will add the much-needed MMO feature to the game. Destiny 2 is an MMO so it needs a system where those with no teammates can still experience its activities. 


Guided games will let you search for specific players who are looking to fill certain roles in the game. Be it a hunter in a Raid (whoever thinks they will need those), or a Warlock to offer healing support in a Strike. Guided games will leave no player behind and it will unlock those activities previously locked by a Fireteam restriction. 

Bigger and better locations

There is no doubt that Bungie will bring the big guns when it comes to the game's worlds and solar system and I think we will have quite the visual masterpiece on our hands when Destiny 2 releases. Every planet will look and feel like nothing we have ever experienced before, and they will come to life with visuals beyond anything we have seen in the series so far.


Nessus, Titan, Io, Earth's European Dead Zone, and The Leviathan will all be exciting new places to explore in the game that will hold new secrets like loot and side missions. Let us not forget that you can now teleport from one drop zone to another without ever having to go to orbit. You can even travel from one side of a planet to the other side the same way. No more boring loading times and more patrolling. 

New weapon system

The weapon system in Destiny 2 is brand new and has moved away from the Primary, Secondary, and Heavy loadout. Instead, we now three slots that are pretty versatile in their equipping methods. Instead of being locked out of elemental guns, your energy slot can now have any weapon equipped that has an element attached to it. Yes, that means that older weapon classes can now be equipped with both slots, one slot being the Kinect weapon slot that has no element, and the other in the Energy slot which has a Solar, Arc, or Void element to it. 


The new weapon system grants more customization and variety. It is also important to note that each weapon now will be unique in its characteristics and role. This means that you will no longer need to farm for that perfect gun. The gun you get is the only gun that is in the game, so that is the roll you get for it. This will surely save hundreds of hours.  

Freedom has arrived

Destiny 2 will have a major emphasis on freedom and we can feel it in the activities and worlds already. Bigger hubs, more people to explore with, and missions and activities to take on in any way possible. Most of all the game's light level, now called Power Level, will scrap that need to mindlessly grind for higher levelled items just to level up your character. Now, the game does it automatically so you will not need to restrict yourself to wearing a set piece of gear just so you can get better gear.


The world map of each planet is also a step in a new direction. You can now see patrols on the map and when they will be going live, as well other activities to keep you busy. No need to stand around and hope for something to happen as the map will keep you up to date with all the awesome side missions.  

Destiny 2 is out on 6 September for PS4 and Xbox One, PC release to follow on 24 October. Do not forget that we are giving away a Collector's Edition and tickets to the South African launch event.

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