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Twitter Banned Someone Who Tweeted About Killing Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Sean Bean Hitman 2

Sean Bean is Hitman 2’s first elusive target and players have only two weeks to kill “The Undying” as he is referred to in the game. Naturally, players are very excited about this prospect, and one such person expressed his excitement over Twitter for killing Sean Bean. He should’ve stated killing Sean Bean in Hitman 2.

Much to his surprise, he got banned because one doesn’t simply make violent threats on Twitter. Luckily the mistake was rectified fairly quickly, and all is right with the world again. Except for poor Sean Bean who is yet again facing death. Some things never change.

VG247 first reported the unfortunate event, so it could very well be thanks to them that The Fat Consoler’s account got reinstated so quickly.

Hitman 2’s elusive target offers players only one chance to complete assignments. If you die, it’s over, and Sean Bean will live to die another day. To make things easier, IO Interactive released a mission briefing video detailing the insertion point, threat levels, weapons demo room, a detailed map, and possible methods for taking down Mr. Bean.

He plays as Mark Faba who is himself an assassin as well as an explosives expert. Unlike Agent 47, he prefers to take down his targets as “loudly and viscerally” as possible. As a reward for attempting killing Sean Bean in Hitman 2, you get the explosive pen which is added to your permanent inventory. You can also use said pen in the mission. You can throw the explosive pen at a target (much like you would a knife), and it will explode within a few seconds.

We gave Hitman 2 a score of 8.7/10; it has immense replay value with excellent stealth mechanics. On the negative side, we felt the main story was too short, and we also experienced some bugs and FPS drops on the PS4 Pro.

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