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The Iconic THX Tone Gets a Fancy 4K Upgrade


We have all heard it. That loud “bwonnnnnggg” sound the THX clip plays before a movie. The iconic tone has been around for over twenty years and it has been altered a few times but every so slightly to fit specific movies.

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If you don’t remember it then maybe this video below will trigger your memory

THX just released a fancy 4K version of the tone with some pretty sweet visuals to boot.

Dubbed the “THX Deep Note” the latest trailer showcases some gorgeous 4K CG visuals from a forest all the way to a spaceship before showing the iconic THX logo and tone.

The new version is cleaner but still recognizable and will usher in the age of 4K.  It is the universally understood sound so why change it?

As the industry has changed from DVD to digital, HD to 4K HDR, one thing has remained the same, the THX sound. We have listened to it most of our lives and it has been incorporated into all sorts of videos and memes. The Simpsons tell it best:

THX’s new tone and clip will be seen before supported movies soon as the company begins rolling it out across THX-certified movies. Take a look at it down below and crank that volume to the max.

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