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The International Battle Pass Now Over – Dota Plus Update Incoming

Dota Plus The International Battle Pass Dota 2

The International Battle Pass is now over and it has been great covering all the content leading up to and during the tournament, where OG made esports history. Now, we look toward the future and it seems like Valve has some plans for a Dota Plus update, evening bringing some Battle Pass features over to Dota Plus.

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Valve announced the conclusion of The International Battle Pass in the early hours of the morning and also revealed that a new Dota Plus update will be coming in “ta few weeks” so the update will hopefully release this month. The Dota Plus update will include some new item sets as well as “some assistant features” from The International Battle Pass, but Valve hasn’t revealed which features will carry over to Dota Plus.

Hopefully, Valve will release the Party Finder and Avoid Player features to everyone instead of just for subscription members, as players shouldn’t really have to pay for these features. It will be interesting to see which features will carry over to the subscription and I would like to see “Ceeeeeeeeb” chat wheel line stay, as well as some others.

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What would you like to see carry over and which Dota 2 features of The International Battle Pass will you miss the most? Let us know in the comment section below.


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