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The Elder Scrolls: Blades Delayed Into 2019

The Elder Scrolls: Blades delayed

Bethesda could be dodging a bullet here by delaying their upcoming mobile version of The Elder Scrolls: Blades into 2019. The company is not doing very well after the rocky release of Fallout 76 and all they need right now is another buggy and lacklustre game release that further damages their name.

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The Elder Scrolls: Blades was meant to release before the end of 2018 which is no longer the case. The free-to-play RPG will release sometime in 2019 now instead. This is according to the official Elder Scrolls Twitter page that announced the delay.

The game is set in the Elder Scrolls universe and designed to be played with simple finger gestures. Bethesda has built the game from the ground up with “beautifully rendered, console-quality environments, powerful magic, tons of gear to collect, upgradeable skills and of real-time fantasy battles.”

Bethesda announced the game back at E3 2018 and the reception has not been that bad. The studio followed up the mobile game announcement with the reveal of The Elder Scrolls VI which made fans not hate the mobile game as much as they could have. Blizzard, on the other hand, just threw a mobile game at their fans without mentioning anything else which could have been a major reason for the backlash from Diablo: Immortal.

Even though The Elder Scrolls: Blades has been delayed, Bethesda says you can still sign up for the beta by visiting PlayBlades.com. Check out the trailer below.;

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