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The Awesome Two Point Hospital is Coming to Consoles This Year

Two Point Hospital Consoles

If you were a fan of Theme Hospital back in the day and now only game on a console, then you would have missed out on the fantastic Two Point Hospital, a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital released on 30 August last year exclusively on PC. Now, eleven months later, SEGA has announced that Two Point Hospital will be coming to consoles later this year.

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This is some very exciting news even for someone like me who has played the game to death on PC already but want to just sit back and play it on PS4 as well. The game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, both digitally and in a physical version. No specific release date has been revealed but we know it is coming this year.

The hospital management sim packed with humour on consoles will feature a quick and precise control scheme for consoles that was built from the ground up by the developers. This is of great importance as sometimes, a simply port just doesn’t work well, especially in top-down games where you need to move quickly and click on multiple objects in an emergency situation. Further, Two Point Hospital on console will have both the game’s expansions.

Two Point Hospital is coming to console! Not only that, it’ll include two great expansions – Bigfoot and Pebberley Island – and will also benefit from loads of free updates released for the PC version since launch. Blimey.


We’ve also designed an intuitive, quick and precise control scheme from the ground up that’ll make building your hospitals more satisfying than ever. Ooh, get us!

At the time of writing, no local price or specific release date for Two Point Hospital on consoles has been revealed, but we will be sure to update you with those important details when they become available so you can get a doctor’s note and book off sick for a week or two.

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Are you excited for the release of Two Point Hospital on consoles? Let us know in the comment section below and check out the announcement trailer.


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