• By Marco Cocomello
  • 3rd Oct 2018

AMD Zen 2 Leak Suggests 4.5GHz 8-Core CPU

With the new RTX cards being the hottest tech on the market at the moment, there is no doubt that in the coming months some new CPUs will arrive to further boost gaming and rendering performance in th

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game in google's code
  • By Sillicur
  • 2nd Oct 2018

There’s a Hidden Game in Google’s Code

It's always wonderful to see when a tech giant hides a little Easter Egg or just does something fun. Google has been on a roll lately and for its 20th anniversary, allowed users to explore the garage

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Glitched Africa
  • By Marco Cocomello
  • 14th Sep 2018

Welcome to Glitched Africa

Glitched Africa launches and creates a new destination for African gaming and lifestyle contentWhen GameZone joined forces with Geek XP back in July 2018, it was the start of something much bigger

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  • By GlitchedAfrica
  • 23rd Jan 2018

ADATA SU800 SSD Review

Available in both 2.5 and M2 forms, the ADATA SU800 is the brand's first SSD to make use of 3D NAND tech. If you know anything about SSDs you would know that creating a

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