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Nvidia announces Big Format Gaming Displays 65-inch, G-Sync 120Hz and much more

PC gaming is already very expensive and Nvidia is now going to tempt you with even more to spend your money on. Introducing Big Format Gaming Displays, a new range of gaming monitors that are like TVs but only much, much better. The new initiative by Nvidia sees them partnering with the likes of Acer, HP, and Asus to create massive gaming displays that are like TVs but boast PC gaming tech upgrades in them too.

PC-tuned HDR 1000 nits, Nvidia G-Sync, 120Hz, 4K and integrated Nvidia Shield all packed into a massive 65-inch display sounds like a dream come true for PC gamers and it is because these displays are TVs and high-end gaming monitors at the same time. I game on a 65-inch TV and it would be a dream to have one of these BFGDs on my TV stand that gives me the ability to use it as a TV and a gaming monitor without compromising on quality. The displays also make use of Quantum Dot technology to allow for high brightness and super-low latency.


One thing that Nvidia is focusing on too is the display’s ability to play console games at the same time so it will indeed be the ultimate gaming replacement. The HDR and 4K support go across the board to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X too so when you are done with CS: GO you can go play a real game and kill some mechanical dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn (kidding). The Nvidia Shield integration means you can also stream your PC games to your TV so no wires or boxes need to be close to the display. It also means you can use apps like Kodi, Netflix and much more.


As of now, there are three BFGDs in development but naturally, my eyes are on the Acer Predator model. There is also an Asus ROG display and HP one too but all of them will kind of offer the same experience seen as Nvidia is commandeering the creation of these killer displays. As for the price, well we know nothing about it right now but don’t expect them to come cheap. If you look at gaming monitors, in general, a good 4K 120Hz display sets you back R10,000 and that is a measly 27-inch. I would not be surprised if these displays cost over R100,000. Big gaming displays for big gaming wallets if you ask me.

Would you spend money on something like this? let us know in the comments below.

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