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Microsoft has a new solution for your Windows 10 privacy concerns

Windows 10 privacy concerns have been a major issue almost since the day the operating system launched two years ago. Since then, users, companies, and data protection watchdogs like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the European Union have forced Microsoft to stop their snooping and make important changes to how and what Windows 10 collects from its users.

The last big change came with the Fall Creator’s update which provided users with information about the data that Windows 10 collects from their system. The two most important features were:

  • Change 1: Direct access to the Privacy Statement within setup process
  • Change 2: Learn More button for each set of information Microsoft collects from your data

Even though the above changes rolled out only a few months ago, Microsoft is taking transparency a step further with a new app; the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer. The app will allow users to inspect all the data Windows 10 is sending to Microsoft.


The above image (courtesy of The Verge), shows the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer in action. As you can see, it shows the data collected for things like user peripherals, and a lot more that not every Windows 10 user will even be able to understand. Be that as it may, it is another step in the right direction. According to the Verge, Microsoft will also change the online privacy dashboard to “provide a clearer activity history page, and the ability in the future to export and delete data, or view and manage media consumption data.”

The Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer will be available to Windows 10 Insiders as early as this week, and it is expected to roll out later this year (around March/April) with the Windows Redstone 4 update.

Source: The Verge

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