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HTC Vive Pro Announced: Boasts a massive resolution boost with no wires

One major complaint about VR is the wires. Settings up VR and playing with it does not come easy as it requires quite a lot of cord running from the back of the headset into whatever PC or PS4 you are using. Well, all that is about to change as HTC has announced the new Vive Pro, a completely wireless VR solution. But the upgrades don’t end there.

Announced at CES 2018 the HTC Vive Pro boasts a few new features and improvements above its predecessor. First off the resolution boost of 78% PPI will see it going from 2160×1200 all the way to 2880×1600 thanks to its new dual OLED screens built into the device. Next is the Vive Wireless Adapter that will work with both the HTC Vive Pro and the Vive. The adapter will make use of Inter’s new WiGig wireless tech that promises low latency and performance over its 60Ghz wireless band.

The HTC Vive Pro will include new dual headphones with noise cancellation as well as a set of front-facing cameras designed to be used in future games as well as a redesigned head strap for more comfort and improved ergonomics.

The HTC Vive Pro will be out later this year with the Vive Wireless Adapter set for a Q4 2018 release too. No pricing has been revealed yet, but do expect it to cost a little fortune.

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